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Welcome To the Loremasters Website!

General  Feel of the Guild

At Loremasters, we feel that people play better when they are happy and aren’t stressed out or under pressure. We exist for people who want guild that is fun, friendly and is enjoyable.


Basic Rules

-Have fun and help people out.

- If drama ever arises, whether it be in a raid, guild chat or trade chat, don’t add to the drama – please try and help resolve it.

-Selfishness is not tolerated.  While we understand this is your game and you are free to play it how you like.  Please be aware that members that do not participate in the guild at all, may not advance in the guild to higher ranks.

-We don't like drama and anybody that causes drama WILL be warned and if they persist, they will be booted from the guild.

-The officers in the guild are people and people make mistakes. We do our best to be fair and balanced, but if we make a mistake let us know so we can correct it, but please do so in a civilized manner. It’s much easier to fix a problem when everyone involved has cool heads.

-Misunderstandings: About 95%+ of the problems in the guild arise from a misunderstanding of sort. If you are unclear or concerned about something talk to an elder about it, we’re here to help.

-Last but not least remember the golden rule: treat others how you would like to be treated. If you want to be treated with respect, then respect others. If you want someone to be polite to you, be polite to them.


Ranks and Officers

Probation: All new guildies start here. We use your probationary period to see what kind of a person you are, and to get to know you. Generally people are on probation for 1 week, but it depends on how much and how well you interact with the guild.

Member: A guildie in good standing.

Officers, Elders & Guild Leaders: Guildies who help run the guild and keep it organized. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to talk to any of them.


*Guild Leaders* (alts):

Felicia (Felicitie)

StormHawk (Sadin)

*Guild Elders* (alts):

Amarlyn (Amarlin, Fizzan)

Pashek (Pasche, Pash)



*Guild Officers* (alts)
Missylou (Sadiesue)
Forgedinpain (Idonthealstupid)


Guild Bank Rules

-Donate when you can.  Preferably Blue quality or better, Greens don't get used.
For Fun Tab - for lower level Items and Mats.  If your character can eventually use it please take it.
Raid Tab - for max level Items and Mats, also used to store raid quality potions, Officers and above can get anything out for you if you ask - Please go ahead and ask these are your items too.


No swearing in main channel.  (Mistakes happen, but try to keep it clean.)  
Do not disrupt others that may be trying to talk.  This includes playing music or other disruptive noises over vent.  
If you are questing or in a dungeon, you may wish to take it to a different channel.

Final Comments

If you have any questions, problems or even suggestions let an Elder know. We do our best to run the guild that likes to have fun.  This is a game and we all play it to have fun.

Have fun and check back here for updates.
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